Have you ever felt like you missed your calling? Sure, we all have, it happens. The difference is, we are a group of sports fans that decided to do something about it. At ASH, you are going to get real fan opinions and real fan emotion. We may come off as homers, but that’s because we are homers. Deep down, everybody is a homer. We aren’t afraid to hide it. I’m going to refer to Matt Ryan as a “elf on the shelf looking mother fucker”. Deal with it, I don’t like him and its my show.

We live in the great state of North Carolina and despite some recent actions of our government, we are proud of it. Most of the topics on this site will revolve around sports in North Carolina. A heavy dosage of the Panthers, Hornets, Hurricanes and of course a trip down tobacco road to talk college sports. But we are going to keep it light and on the humorous side as well. Beer, music, movies, food and anything else we feel like talking about will be fair game. And chicken wings, lots and lots of wings.

On top of the blog, we are going to have a podcast. Think of it as an accompaniment to our blog post. Our goal is to publish the podcast every other week and then once football season ramps up, every week. Like this site, you’re going to get a heavy dose of Panthers talk. But we want to involve you, the fan, every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to reach out on Twitter (@amhoursports) or email us (info@amateurhoursports.com).

Thanks for taking this trip with us.