Who are we? Thanks for asking…


Chris Allen (@peppajacknbb) – AKA Peppa Jack – Supreme Leader, idea guy, chicken wing enthusiast and wild card.

Chris lives in Raleigh, NC and is a fan of all things Carolina. The Panthers, Tar Heels and Hurricanes are his favorite teams. He has been thrown out of more games than he cares to count, but always goes back. He cried at Super Bowl 50. Once he met Tyler Hansbrough at Carolina Hurricanes game and nearly fainted. He named his son after Luke Kuechly. When he dies, his tombstone will only have two words on it, “Keep Pounding”.


handSteven Harvell (@handsome_steve_) – AKA Handsome Steve – Football guy.

Steve knows that other sports exist, he just chooses to ignore their existence. Panthers first and only. Hailing from Raleigh, NC, he’ll talk about NC State if he has to. Always looking for that next mid round all pro lineman (small schools only). Lover of the Heels, tacos, beer and the Batman.


406Mike Munch – SWAG Director (Specialist with advanced graphics)

Mike lives in Wilmington and he isn’t afraid to kick your ass. Mike is in charge of graphic design and photography. He’s book learnt real good. While not dominating pixels and Photoshop, Mike is a scratch  disc golfer and a true inspiration to us all.




Cam Herbert (@caaam) – Staff computer nerd, master of beeps

Cam stalking Roy.

and boops, AHS’s token Sad NC State fan, and silent baseball fan (don’t tell Chris)

Cam hails from Raleigh, NC, and is in charge of making sure this website shows up when you type in the address (or accidentally click a Twitter link). He has been called a State fan waiting for a return to relevance, a casual Panthers and Hurricanes fan, a bit of a glass half empty kinda guy, a computer wizard, and “the most pretentious [beer] bartender in Raleigh.”