We are just a little over a month away from Camp Wofford, here are a few things to keep your eye on while you’re working on your tan.


  • As the Cam Turns… – Its a scientific fact that Cam Newton makes people stupid. Booger McFarland is today’s example of that as he managed to get his name in the news today by going on ESPN and saying; “Sources in Carolina tell me that they don’t like Cam and he isn’t a leader.” While I don’t doubt that McFarland knows someone in the Panthers locker room, I’ll even say that someone on the defense said something close to this. What I do doubt is that a majority the team doesn’t like him, or more importantly, respect him. Can you imagine a situation where 100% of the people in a business liked their leader? Do you think every player who shared a locker room with Peyton Manning liked him? Not a chance. He had one of his college teammates kicked off the team because he wouldn’t lie and cover his ass after he sexually assaulted a female trainer. How about Tom Brady? I’m sure he played with some religious nut job who turned on him when he knocked up Gisele while not married to her. This is a non story, but because it’s the middle of June, its getting play. Also, his name is Booger. I wonder rosshow he got that name. My sources on the internet say its because he eats his boogers. (See how that works.)



  • Christian McCaffery’s mental state – All signs point to Christian being a capable grown up and human being. But for some reason, people want to treat him like he’s a snowflake and not a football player. Run CMC was only around for a single day of OTA’s, as the NFL forced him to sit out while Stanford completed its academic calendar. He sure lit up that practice, but when it ended, it went downhill in a hurry. Christian was talking with local media when he was abruptly assaulted and camcmcshamed in public by none other than Cam Newton. He was held hostage for at least 15 seconds before he was released by the former MVP. How McCaffery rebounds from being embarrassed and humiliated by Cam is going to be a big story this summer. Keep an eye on @RUN_CMC to see how he recovers and gets his mind right before camp.



  • Greg Olsen Contract Situation – There is no doubt that Olsen is one of, if not the top TE in the game. Statistically, he has been the most dominate TE over the last three seasons and became the first to ever post back to back 1000yd campaigns. Olsen is on the books to make $6.5m each of the next two season, which seems below market value. Zach Ertz and someone named Charles Clay are making more than Olsen, which is a crime. I can’t see any way that Olsen isn’t in camp on day one. He is a team first guy and has two years left on his deal. Very few players get new deals in that situation. But, if I had to guess, I think the Panthers will work on something with Olsen and possibly extend his deal now, instead of next summer. Look for him to get two years added to the deal and some up front money. That should allow Olsen to retire a Panther and solidify his place in Canton.




  • Cam Newton and his golden shoulder – Cam was expected to throw in OTA’s last week, but it never happened. Coach Rivera has held steadfast on Cam being ready to throw at the start of camp. But the real concern is the fun that Cam is going to have with his family over the next month. We all know that he and Kia just had their second child, so expect people to blast Cam when they see pictures of him playing with his kids on Instagram and not him buried in a playbook. God forbid he goes outside of the house and isn’t wearing a bubble suit.




  • James Bradberry’s wrist – Panthers fans and coaches had a scare a few weeks ago when he went down in practice with a broken wrist. All signs point to him making a full recovery and being 100% when it’s go time. He was also banged up for the better part of his rookie year, but when he was on the field, he was above average and held his own. PFF graded Bradberry as the top rookie CB and the Panthers are counting on him to be THE guy on the outside. The fear now becomes, is he made of glass and what happens if gets hurt again? What if he’s eating a sandwich and re injures himself? What kind of sandwich was it and are we going to boycott that sandwich? Was the owner of that Jimmy Johns franchise a Bucs fan? Even worse, was Mick Vick working at that Jimmy John’s? These are all real fears that 95% of Panthers fans have. Here’s to hoping that Uncle Dave puts Bradberry in cryostorage and doesn’t allow him to enjoy his time off. There is plenty of time for sandwiches when you retire.



The bottom line, stay safe out there and be sure to wear skin protection so you don’t get burned by all the hot takes out there.

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