We’re putting the band back together!
Is it 2008? What year is it?! Today’s signings of Captain Munnerlyn and Julius Peppers seems like the typical blast from the past Rock and/or Roll supergroup. Lots of nostalgia, not much relevance in this day and age. But are these two signings a blast from the past with substance?
Captain Munnerlyn has been a great addition to Minnesota’s secondary for three years and has been a great nickel corner who can move outside in a pinch. It’s no wonder he decided to go to Minnesota to be paid what he deserves. His quotes about current WR Devin Funchess’s performance last year may have left a bad taste in some fan’s mouths, but his signing addresses a deficit at that position the Panthers have had since his departure. Hmmmm…
Peppers may be a rotational pass rusher at this point, but he hasn’t had less than 7 sacks since he’s left, so he already out performs some other DE’s we used to have *cough* EALY *cough*. He’ll want to end his career on a high note and if he performs well, it wouldn’t be far fetched to see Peppers back next year. Plus, the Panthers already have number 90 available, so it just makes sense.
What do you think, Panther Nation? Will this reunion tour be fruitful or will their performance fall flat on it’s face?

****Munnerlyn signed a 4yr deal.

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