What If Luck Left?

The NFL is clearly doing well, but what if Andrew Luck decided to forego his senior year at Stanford, and enter the NFL draft? If that was the case everything would be flipped upside down. Football Madness. Here we go!

Andrew Luck was considered a “once in a generation” type prospect, and was the sure fire 1st overall pick when he decided to come out. If Luck decided to forego his senior year, and enter the 2011 draft he would be the starting QB for the Carolina Panthers. How odd would that be? Which means Cam Newton would be the runner up prize, and fall directly into the lap of the Denver Broncos. Looking at it now, any person with good vision would take Newton over Luck, but that would not have been the case in 2011. So we have Luck in Carolina, and Newton in Denver. That right there just alters everything so much.

The next player taken in that draft? Von Miller. Von would be playing up near the border wearing a Bills jersey. That defense would simply be mind blowing.

The next few picks are ones that would also stir up the league. AJ Green, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, Aldon Smith, Tyron Smith, and yes JJ Watt. All of these players would be on different teams, which would be madness alone. Just imagine AJ Green on the Cardinals with Larry Fitz, Julio Jones on the 49ers, or JJ Watt on the Vikings. The 49ers may have won Superbowl XLVII with Julio on the team.

Lets look at things outside the draft though, as if it is not already crazy enough. With Cam being a solid QB in Denver, where the hell would noodle arm Manning be playing football? Arizona or San Fran if I am correct. Those were the two other teams that were close to landing him. With that being said, where would Carson Palmer, Alex Smith, or Colin Kaepernick be? Sounds like Smith would still be in KC, and Kaepernick would have never been discovered. Sounds like Carson Palmer could be playing for a team like Houston, Buffalo or St. Louis. Those are teams that could have really used a QB at that point. Just try and wrap you head around that.

There has to be a team I am forgetting, correct? Oh yeah, The Indianapolis Colts. Manning is long gone by 2012, which means with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft the Colts select who? Drum roll please! Robert Griffin the 3rd, the starting QB for the Indianapolis Colts. So once that 2 year forrest fire is over with in Indy, who is playing QB for the Colts? Who the hell knows, but the real question is: Does “Deflate Gate” ever happen? Thats a tough question, and something that can not be answered.Back to the players though, Trent Richardson, or even Ryan Tannehill would be selected second overall by the Washington Redskins. Not to mention Kirk Cousins would be much more developed by now, with 2 more years of action under his belt. WOW! That also effects where Luke Kuechly, Chandler Jones, and Dont’a Hightower possibly land.

Denver having a nasty QB by 2013 means trouble for Tom Brady for years to come. Do the Patriots win Super Bowl 49, or make it to Super Bowl 50 possibly? This is something that we will never know. The Lombardi Trophy could be in different cities, and stars playing for very different teams than we are used to. All of this could be, but one dude named Andrew Luck decided to say “Na i’ll stay” which really altered the future. Pretty cool thinking about the “ifs” in the world, because they really are crazy.

P.S: I know there is some crazy fan reading this wondering where the hell Tim Tebow ended up. My answer to you: Not in the league. He can’t throw. Give it up man.

Squid Out!

Divisional Delights

What a fucking weekend it was in the NFL. To start it off the Pats mop the floor with the chiefs, showing that they truly are healthy and a force to be wrecking with right now. They’ll head on over to Denver this week due to the lackluster game between the Broncos and Steelers which did everything but keep people awake. Except for Jim Nantz, he is still stroking it to Peyton being on the field although the only thing that game proved is that Peyton actually has nothing left, and that Big Ben could crash his motorcycle (people forget that) and still start over Landry Fields. Also a miraculous almost comeback by the Pack was one of the most bizarre football games I’ve ever seen. The final 5 minutes had it all, a pass on second down by the cards as they are trying to run the clock out, not one but TWO Hail Mary’s by Godgers and a coin that didn’t flip in overtime. Then to end the weekend the Panthers jumped ahead of Seatterall faster than Bill Cosby can slip a pill in ya girls drink. The Seacocks did make it a game however as the Panthers offense was non-existent in the second half. However in the end the Panthers pulled away and will now face the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. All-in-all an exciting weekend of football and if your team is still in the dance, good luck to ya because the Pats are rocking Patriot Blue on these hoes!
Craig Out!

P.S – Don’t ya love when squid says “Squid Out!” makes you picture him pumping his fist in the air with an ear-to-ear grin after finishing a blog.

Packers vs. Cardinals Recap



Were you not entertained? Because I sure as hell was. Even Maximus was entertained.

This game had literally everything you could imagine in a playoff football game AND it wasn’t decided by the refs. What a great day for the NFL. The first half wasn’t as crazy as the second, but it still had some big moments.

Pats Outlast Chiefs

This one is for all of you who fell asleep during the game, because Kansas City runs the same 3 yard pass and run every single time. Yes it works, but it also takes a whole quarter to score. If you took a shot of liquor every time Alex Smith threw a 3 yard pass, you would be on life support in the emergency room. He can’t throw the ball down field, its honestly pathetic. All he really has going for him is the dump off to his mediocre receivers, and his scramble ability. The dude plays like he is covered with spray butter, because it is hard to wrap him up.

Slimy Steve’s Life Hacks

Hello everyone, I’m here to bring you the foolproof, 100 percent effective way to eat a Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey granola bar.


Slimy Steve’s Sounds of the Week

Arguably the biggest news out of the hip-hop world this week was Earl Sweatshirt dropping (it got leaked by someone else shhh) his first single since he released his sophomore album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.

The track titled “Mirror” features one of the strangest samples I’ve heard, and the overall production is all over the place and yet one of the brightest young minds in rap still killed it.

Chip Kelly to San Fran

That is footage of the 49ers 2015 season!

This is the guy that San Fran thinks will turn the ship around…

Spring Semester: It’s Not All That Bad

Winter Break is finishing up quicker than Jerry Sandusky in a McDonald’s PlayPlace, and I for one am not that upset about it at all. Obviously we will all still look like this walking to and from classes,


but Spring Semester is filled with a bunch of dope shit that makes the semester go by a lot quicker.

Celtics Rewind

Last night was a massive win for the Celtics. After losing their last 4, and 6 of the last 7 (2 of those losses to the horrid Lakers and Nets), they finally bounced back and got a solid 103-94 victory over a good Indiana Pacers team. I honestly don’t know what to think of the C’s at this point. A couple weeks ago espn.com had them ranked #6 on their power rankings, now they’re a game above .500 and a game back of the 8 seed in the East.

Chandler Jones Monk’d out?

The latest word on the street is that Pats DE Chandler Jones was hospitalized for smoking “Monk” or synthetic marijuana this weekend. The report goes on to say that he had an allergic reaction to it and had to be hospitalized because of it. Smoking fake weed is some bad shit to get into, but Chandler probably thought he would smoke it and be fine, and not have it show up on a drug test. He got a little more than he bargained for, and broke out in hives.

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